Plug-In Fixes PodPress Problem With WordPress 2.6

Jul 26th, 2008 | By | Category: Podcasting Services

A lot of people are reporting incompatibilities between Mighty Seek’s PodPress, the popular free podcasting add-on for WordPress, and the recently-announced WordPress 2.6.

Earlier in the week, we reported a simple hack you could use to get things working again. 

A reader, John Leavitt, sends word of an even easier fix – the No Revisions plug-in. It disables the new Revisions feature, which seems to be the source of the PodPress problems. 

I tested this out on a site that uses PodPress and WordPress. After upgrading to 2.6 about a week ago, I had been unable to add audio podcasts using PodPress. 

After installing the No Revisions plug-in, PodPress seems to be working again on the site. 

If you haven’t upgraded to WordPress 2.6, you’ll probably want to wait until PodPress gets updated for compatibility. If you already broke your podcast site with the update, though, give the No Revisions plug-in a try. 

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21 Responses to “Plug-In Fixes PodPress Problem With WordPress 2.6”

  1. You can also turn off post revisioning in the wp-config file much easier and without adding more plugins to your site.
    Add this in your wp-config.php file in your root directory of wordpress:

    define (‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, 0);

  2. Jordan says:

    Thanks. That No Revisions plugin will be a life saver.

  3. James Lewin says:

    Chuck – that’s true.

    We noted the WordPress 2.6 PodPress hack in an earlier article.

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  5. ed says:

    The problem here is that while this fixes things for Firefox, IE and Safari are unable to access a podPress 8.8/WP 2.6 site. IE 7 yields an “Operation aborted” — even for W3C complaint pages. So this is NOT a complete fix for podPress.

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  8. Ray says:

    Hey Guys, I am new to PodPress and blogging for that matter… but love the concept. I need some help. Using wordpress 2.6/podpress latest with plugin discussed above.

    I downloaded the plugin to fix the compatibility issue – thanks so much for this. My problem is my darn player gets stuck in the middle of loading. At first I thought it was a too big file so I tried a small one of only .5MB but still won’t work. I feel I am missing something simple…. Pod press sees my mp3 and auto detects duration and size but I just can’t get it to play. Any and all help would greatly be appreciated. Here is my blog – with my first entry that does not work 🙁

  9. James Lewin says:


    I checked your page, and it looks like you may have a bad URL for your MP3 file. I clicked the Download link under your podcast, and it gave me a “Not found” message.

    This is the url you’ve embedded into PodPress:

    Rename your file with no spaces – something like 01-web-quality-edited-the-mind.mp3 will work.

    Make sure you’ve uploaded your .mp3 to your site, and test the link by browing to that URL in your web browser to make sure the file is on your site and that you can download it.

    Once you know you’ve got a good URL for your .mp3 file, use that with PodPress.

    Good luck with your podcast!

  10. Ray says:

    Thanks So Much – I new it was something simple! I really thought I had the right path but it was wrong. The easy way to find the right path in wordpress is to go to the Legacy File manager and once you see the file you want it is off and to the right! Thanks again and have a great weekend. Now I will try and get some video working 🙂

  11. Ray says:

    In my excitement I left out some context – – Legacy File Manager is accessed via the control panel from my hosting company (host monster) and I meant to type “knew” in my post above..:)

  12. James Lewin says:

    Ray – glad it’s working for you now! Good luck with your podcast!

  13. Jason says:

    Could not agree more – cutting edge and stable releases are very common in the open-sourced community, and WordPress needs to understand that average Joe users are not coders or programmers, and even if they are, they don’t have the time to dig hip deep in code to figure out where the problems are.

    I made a post on another site that spoke about the Podpress/Wordpress issues, and the response was “Automaticc doesn’t have any responsibility to test WordPress update with the plugins. My response to that is currently awaiting moderation, but I have it saved as copy so here’s the link (and my response)

    I’m not much of a coder, I am a systems admin, know a little bit of html and Windows scripting, and I shoot photography for a hobby. My blog has been a combination of those collective skills and interests. Asking me to take more time to search nout forums for early adopters to see if they’ve had problems with a particular plugin before updating takes away from my already limited time. Since I use only highly popular plugins, there would be a general sense that WordPress (or AUtomaticc I guess, whoever they are) would consider the ramifications of their updates on at least the top 10 3rd party plugins. I don’t have raw numbers, but would guess that podpress is in that list.

    The equivalent would be to say that Microsft bears no responsibiity to ensure updates to their operating systems are compatible with say Linksys routers, Intel processors, or Nvidia graphics cards. Technically, sure that may be right, but from Microsofts perspective, it’s in their best interests (and that of their user base) to at least consider it (and they do!) when pushing out updates. And if it breaks something, it would be helpful to at least acknowledge it, and possibly provide help and/or assistance with workarounds or hotfixes (which they do).

    The reason it’s in their interests? If they started pushing updates that break everything for the user base, guess what happens to that user base – it goes away. Microsofts user base actually has gone away in substantial fashion, partly for this type of mentality. Rest assured, if Automaticc or the WordPress developers continue on this course, some other open sourced venue will step up that fixes these compatibility issues, and ten years from now people will say “Remember WordPress? Wasn’t that a funny abberation of an open sourced community!”

  14. Vance says:

    I’m having the same problem as Ray had.

    I installed the fix and now the podPress player shows up but the player stops half way through loading.

    The page with the problem mp3 is here:

    I found that it doesn’t work when I have “Enable podPress Statistics” enabled. When that’s off it works. It also works when I have “Enable PodTrac Statistics” enabled.

    When I enable podPress Statistics it changes my path from “ 05-track-05-7.mp3 ” to “ 05-track-05-7.mp3 ” (if I choose WP Permalinks). I even set up directories (/podpress_trac/web/103/0/) to put my mp3 in, like it seemed it wanted, but it still didn’t work.

    I would like to use the podPress Statistics and not 3rd party stats. Any help you can give would be great.


  15. Can’t get player to show up right for podpress, I see some sort of audio play on my home page, but when going to the post directly there is no play audio button at all.

  16. Guys, awesome forum here or mini-chat. I am having some issues. I uploaded a 45 minute sermon, which is quite long but it cuts off after 3 minutes. Any ideas?

    The site is


  17. Mathrik says:

    @ Vance

    If your webserver is apache, you need to make sure that mod_rewrite is enabled. If it’s IIS, there should be some similar setting. If you don’t know what your webserver is, then you need to talk to your webhost/sysadmin. 🙂

  18. Trisha says:

    I have the same problem as Vance – player will only work if I disable Podpress stats – I also don’t want to use any 3rd party stats tracking and would prefer to use the Podpress stats, but when it’s enabled, the player gets stuck at “loading” regardless of the size of my mp3.

    I do have an apache server and mod_rewrite is enabled and working fine, so I don’t think that is the problem. I’m using Podpress 8.8 and WP 2.6. I do have post revisions turned off. The files do not have spaces in the name and downloads work fine, it’s just the player that won’t work if podpress stats are enabled.

    is there any fix for this?

    It’s an otherwise great plugin and I’d like to be able to keep using it.

  19. I have yet to upgrade my WP 2.5 set up to 2.7 because of this PodPress issue. How well does it work in 2.7?

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