Jimmy Justice Exposes Law Enforcement’s Double Standard

Aug 5th, 2008 | By | Category: Citizen Media, Internet TV, Video

This is an example of the work of video vigilante Jimmy Justice, a video blogger and “cop-arazzi” that films New York law enforcement officers breaking the law and then posts his films online.

Justice is featured in a Washington Post article that looks at the effects omnipresent video cameras are having on law enforcement.

Justice is using in-your-face citizen media as a tool to crusade against what he sees as the city’s double standard on parking; police rigidly enforce traffic rules while routinely breaking them.

“I’m using a video camera as a weapon,” explains Justice. “I believe a video does not lie.”

Justice challenges all residents of New York to be ready for action.

“I think everyone should get a video camera. Or, if you have to get a new cellphone, get one with a video function.” If you catch law enforcement officers breaking the law, “send it in to your local authorities. Or post it on YouTube or other video-sharing sites.”

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  1. Seriously, is this the best he can do?
    I’ve heard of and seen all kinds of serious misconduct, and this doesn’t even register.

  2. Joe Formelio says:

    What’s your problem Jimmie ? Did you get a ticket/s at one time and can’t get past it ? Is this your way of getting back at them ? Don’t you have better things to do ? You want to do some good, why don’t you look for real criminals, Get in their face and berate them like you do to police officers . No. You don’t have the balls to do that do you ?
    See how far you can go before you get your sorry a$$ kicked in….You pick on police officers because they are safe targets. You don’t have to worry about being assaulted because of you hidie behind your camera.
    I think you are hoping some day, an officer will whip your butt so you can sue for big bucks and never have to work another day in your pathetic life. By the way, get a life you sorry a$$whole. I don’t like people like you.

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