New Media Dramatically More Efficient Than Old Media

Aug 8th, 2008 | By | Category: General, New Media Organizations

New media is dramatically more efficient than old media at creating Internet content and getting page views, if numbers published by Gawker Media are any example.

According to Gawker publisher Nick Denton, July 2008 traffic to Gawker sites set a record for the organization of 254 million monthly pageviews. Denton goes on to note that Gawker is pulling in about twice the page views of the LA Times‘ site.

July 2008 Gawker Media traffic, by title:

  • Gizmodo 73.5m
  • Kotaku 44.3m
  • Lifehacker 25.6m
  • Gawker 18.9m
  • Fleshbot 17.4m
  • Jezebel 15.5m
  • Consumerist 13.7m
  • Jalopnik 13.4m
  • Deadspin 12.6m
  • io9 8.8m
  • Defamer 6.4m
  • Valleywag 3.3m

To put this in perspective, Gawker generated 2x more traffic than the country’s fourth-largest newspaper, with about a tenth of LA Times’ newsroom staff. (80 at Gawker Media, vs 700 in the newsroom at the LA Times).

It’s easy to point out that the LA Times does a lot more original reporting an a lot more high-quality reporting than Gawker Media, or to point out that Gawker targets the lowest common denominator.

Nevertheless, when a new media company is 20 times more efficient than an old media company at getting page views, it’s clear that old media organizations are going to have to become more like new media ones in order to survive.

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