Zune Launches ‘Insider’ Podcast, Sponsors New Media Expo

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Rob Greenlee, Microsoft Zune Podcast Programming Lead, reports that Zune is a major sponsor of this year’s New Media Expo, taking place August 14 – 16 in Las Vegas.  Greenlee says that attendees of the convention “should stop by” the big booth featuring the portable media device.

Greenlee, a podcasting pioneer who was among the first (if not *the* first) to move his web-based broadcast, Web Talk Radio, to the podcast platform, was involved with mobile podcast delivery network Melodeo before joining the Zune team a year ago.  “I wanted to also let you know that I have as of today, I have launched the Zune Insider audio and video podcast.”

The Zune Insider audio and video podcast is co-hosted by Greenlee and Zune blogger Cesar Menendez. Listeners can subscribe via the Zune Marketplace, by using this url, or directly from the Zune Insider blog.

The premiere episode includes stories about Zune’s involvement in the Comic-Con event in San Diego. Because of Microsoft xBox’s sponsorship and participation in Comic-Con, the Zune folks also attended, helping to capture or create 74 videos of the convention, which have since been published at the Zune Marketplace (and at xBox Live). Upcoming episodes will be published every Thursday, and will cover everything in the Zune universe: software, devices, content available in the Zune Marketplace, accessories, events and more.

Greenlee also mentioned that “We are planning on having a Zune meet-up on Thursday.” Zune enthusiasts should stop by the Zune booth at the New Media Expo for more details.

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  1. Mikel O.D. says:

    I wonder how long it took Rob to get his Zune Insider link on the Zune Marketplace? Like thousands of others I still haven’t see my Most People Are DJs podcast there yet and its been several months. Someone should also let Rob know he’ll get more downloads if he also puts ZI on iTunes.

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