Amazing Video Technology Makes Lousy Home Videos Look Awesome

Aug 18th, 2008 | By | Category: Video, Video Software

Researchers at the Graphics and Imaging Laboratory at the University of Washington have created amazing new software technology for automatically enhancing videos of a static scene using photographs of the same scene.

According to the researchers:

Our system can transfer photographic qualities such as high resolution, high dynamic range and better lighting from the photographs to the video. Additionally, the user can quickly modify the video by editing only a few still images of the scene. Finally, our system allows a user to remove unwanted objects and camera shake from the video.

As the video demo above demonstrates, the technology can make typical consumer videos look awesome and be used to create interesting special effects. The HDR, masking, object removal & camera shake reduction videos are amazing.

This technology is still at the research stage – but I can’t wait to see it make its way to consumer video editing apps.

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  1. I am blow away with this. Its like Photoshop for video. Erm, you might want to purchase this technology Adobe, now.

    Just watch the video, that’s all I can say, well done for Podcasting News for bringing this to our attention, haven’t seen this anywhere else, not even hinted at. Well done!

  2. Steven Katz says:

    This is great technology!!! VERY impressive!

  3. John Pemble says:

    This is amazing. It’s taking high end ILM work to a prosumer level. It still requires the prosumer producer to know what they are doing, but to have this potentially available and NOT be working for a big movie studio, that is great.

  4. Adolfo says:

    I agree with Atlantic Wave Radio, this software appears to work just like Photoshop, except for video. It seems to be user-friendly. Although the developers’ explanation of their use of “Spacetime Fusion,” “Video Algorithm Geometry,” and “Time-Space Continuum” (okay, that wasn’t mentioned) went over my simple-minded head, the steps to create a better video through simply mapping-out a scene, taking stills with a high resolution camera, and then shooting the video is very user-friendly. Just don’t tell me how it works again.

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