Publisher Replaces Pocket PC Magazine With iPhone Live

Aug 26th, 2008 | By | Category: General

It looks like Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine may be another victim of the popularity of Apple’s iPhone.

The publisher has announced that it’s published the final issue of the magazine, and is replacing it with one that focuses on he iPhone:

After 11 years, we will be publishing a final 2008 issue of Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine and then suspend publication! We are working hard to make it the best Windows Mobile issue ever, a keeper, a reference guide.

In 2009 we will publish Smartphone magazine’s iPhone Life.

They go on to explain that lack of interest from advertisers and buyers has made publishing the magazine impossible:

The other business challenge has been the lack of advertising sponsorship from Microsoft, phone companies, and OEMs, despite our coverage of their products. In order for us to sell subscriptions at current low consumer magazine-type prices, we must have a stronger and growing circulation, and we much attract the large advertisers who benefit the most from our existence.

While they don’t pin the blame for the magazine’s demise on the iPhone, it’s clear that Apple’s smart phone has leapfrogged the Pocket PC platform and has attracted the interest of both developers and power users.

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