TubeMogul Marketplace Wants To Hook You Up With Advertisers

Sep 5th, 2008 | By | Category: Making Money with Podcasts, Video, Video Podcasts, Vlogs

TubeMogul has announced a new service, TubeMogul Marketplace, that is designed to hook up video producers with advertisers:

We just launched “TubeMogul Marketplace,” a “dating” site aimed at connecting online video producers with advertisers, investors and others looking for opportunities in new media.

The site features searchable profiles of Web shows, including each show’s cross-site viewership data. Anyone browsing profiles can narrow their search by show category (i.e. “Vlogs & People”), predominant audience demographic (i.e. Male, 18-24) and minimum audience size.

Profiles also contain details about each show, including a sample video, description and contact information for the show’s creator. All viewership data is certified by TubeMogul.

The service makes it easy to see the top video producers distributed via TubeMogul, and also that everybody is getting pwned by a 14-year old kid:

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  1. This is fantabulous! I’m new to podcasting,but after meeting my idol O—- Win—, I new that being apart of the Blog Talk Radio family was the right move.

    Always interested in innovative ways to market myself to make money on the internet. Anyone looking for a talk show host to back? I’m a relative of Harriet Tubman of the infamous Underground Railroad.
    Facts tell,but stories sell ! check out “Underground Quickie” Featured on BTR

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