The State Of New Media Education

Sep 8th, 2008 | By | Category: General

PBS’ Media Shift has published an interesting article that looks at the state of new media education. 

Blogger Alana Taylor talks about her experiences in a journalism class at NYU:

Professor Quigley begins by explaining how blogs are becoming more important and asks if any of us have a blog.

One hand slowly rises. It’s mine. None of the other students in the class have a blog. It comes as a shock to me that the students in a class about “how our generation is very much invested in the Internet” are not actually as involved. Again, perhaps I am an exception to the norm, but I like to think that having a blog is as normal as having a car.

What surprises me further is when Professor Quigley informs us that people actually get paid to blog. That they make a living off of this. For me this was very much a “duh” moment and I thought that it would be for the rest of the students as well. They should be fully aware at this point that blogging has become a very serious form of journalism. Furthermore, they should be aware that it is the one journalistic venture that requires little or no ladder-climbing. You can start at any age, with almost no experience, and actually get published instead of fetch coffee. Luckily, Quigley is one of the few NYU professors who understands this in some way.

Taylor’s article raises the question – can people learn new media from teachers with old media experience? 

Unless schools get with this Internet thing, students are likely to be ill-prepared for a future that doesn’t look bright for traditional media.

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