Students: Podcasts No Substitute For Teachers

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Students at the University of Western Sydney are circulating a petition asking for cuts in their fees, as the university uses podcasts to extend it “virtual classroom”.

Some students, though, like Tammy Lawlor, are not impressed with the University’s podcasts. 

“The isolated learning experience is not satisfying for me,” says Ms Lawlor. Lawlor said that in the first week of the semester, she learned that six of the 13 lectures in one key unit, Texts and Traditions, would come as podcasts. 

“As a third-year student I’ve seen my time in class and lectures diminish,” adds a third-year student. “I’m just catching the beginning of podcast lectures and I’ll be glad not to pay for it any longer, as I’ll be graduating this year.” 

Lawlor welcomes podcasts as a complement to, but not as a substitute for, traditional interaction. 

“I think a podcast is an inadequate replacement,” she said. “A lecture is better for the atmosphere involved. I can go and ask the lecturers questions afterwards. The university is not properly equipped for distance education and that’s what they’re trying to do.” 

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