Advertisers Choose Digital Media Over Radio & TV For Effectiveness 15 to 1

Sep 11th, 2008 | By | Category: Featured Story, General

New media is the most effective ad channel, according to new research in the UK by Redshift Research. 

In fact, companies now prefer digital media to radio and TV, 15 to 1. 

Key facts:

  • 74% of organizations surveyed feel internet or email advertising is the most effective channel for connecting with consumers.
  • 8% feel SMS and MMS are the most effective channels.
  • Only 5% felt radio or TV were the most effective channels.

Other findings:

  • Digital media now accounts for almost 50% of daily media consumption and is the preferred medium for receiving marketing messages
  • 41% of consumers chose the Internet as the medium they could not live without
  • Only 62% of TV is now watched in real-time
  • 75% of the UK population rarely watch TV adverts when viewing recorded programs

While Redshift found that companies now recognize that new media is the most effective platform for advertising, companies are failing to make the most of it:

  • Two thirds of organizations recognise that consumers are less receptive to traditional advertising
  • Budget (40%) and lack of skill and experience (28%) are quoted as the main barriers to using digital media more frequently. 
  • While 60 percent of companies think it would be very or extremely useful to have one single CRM system/database combining traditional and digital media campaigns, 65 per cent collect and analyse campaign data in separate systems, thus rendering them unable to gain a full view into any cross media campaigns’ performance.

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