Microsoft Announces Zune Updates, Free Wireless At McDonalds

Sep 16th, 2008 | By | Category: General

Zune Marketplace now offers:

  • more than 4 million songs, 80 percent of which are available as digital rights management (DRM)-free MP3s;
  • 8,500 music videos;
  • 3,000 episodes of popular TV shows; and
  • more than 6,000 audio and video podcasts.

Zune customers have a choice in how they acquire music — they can pay per track or choose a Zune Pass subscription. Zune Pass subscribers can download or stream music from their Zune or computer interchangeably, all for a flat rate of $14.99 (U.S.) per month. Zune is offering a free, 14-day trial to all new customers. 

Zune also now supports audiobook content from leading distributors including Audible. Zune users can now explore more than 50,000 books, magazines and newspapers from more than 600 publishers and content providers at and sync it to their Zune. To commemorate the addition of audiobooks, Audible is offering all new and existing Zune owners a free copy of “Black River� by bestselling writer Dean Koontz.
New Software and Firmware

Estimated retail pricing for the Zune device is as follows:

  • 120 GB: $249.99 (U.S.)
  • 80 GB: $229.99 (U.S.)1
  • 16 GB: $199.00 (U.S.)
  • 8 GB: $149.99 (U.S.)
  • 4 GB: $129.99 (U.S.)

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5 Responses to “Microsoft Announces Zune Updates, Free Wireless At McDonalds”

  1. Tavisd says:

    Feedback and open letter to WegTalkRob (Manages Podcasts on the Zune Team) I love my Zune and this update has some great features in it. BUT…not much in the way of Podcast updates. I really think there are a handful of obvious podcast feature updates Microsoft should include, example playlist / queuing casts (some type of weekly scheduled option), ability to read full descriptions, and even some areas where you could innovate, think out of the box. I listen to podcasts on my Zune about 4 hours a day, more on weekends. It’s my main source of news and entertainment. – One more thing – the ability to have a RSS would be outstanding . Thank you!

  2. Rob Greenlee says:


    Zune is listening to your feedback and suggestions. You are correct that we did not do any new major feature updates this time around, but we did fix all of the nagging small bugs in the user experience around subscribing and collection. I am also working hard on building the catalog and making sure we have the best content. Rest assured that Zune is committed to podcasting on the Zune and will keep improving and innovating.

    Rob Greenlee
    Also check out the new Zune Insider podcast

    Zune Podcast Lead

  3. James Lewin says:

    Rob – Glad to see that you’re working on this.

    I was disappointed to see Microsoft talking about 6,000 podcasts still in its directory.

    Is that accurate? I thought you’d have a lot more than that by now, with Apple touting 150,000 podcasts in their directory. Should we expect Microsoft to close that gap anytime soon?

  4. Dave Jackson says:

    This is awesome news. I don’t care if people download or stream my podcast as long as they are listening.

    Dave Jackson

  5. Tavisd says:


    Thank you so much for the response. I’ve noticed you on this site in the past. Please recognize that I think the current experience is great and I do appreciate the work you’ve done to keep great content in the marketplace and fixing the bugs. I understand the Zune demographic is 18 to 25 and appreciate that you offer content for us over 35. Keep up the good work and I’ll keeping listening/watching/reading the Zune Insider.


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