Proprietary Web Video Viewers Dead

Sep 18th, 2008 | By | Category: Internet TV, Video

It looks like proprietary web video viewers are dead.

Today, both blinkx and Joost announced that they were following the lead of YouTube, Hulu and others and focusing on delivering Internet content straight to your Web browser:

  • blinkx announced that blinkx BBTV will now be available without download, straight from your browser. BBTV simultaneously delivers a high-quality television experience over the Internet, and links it to the universe of information on the Web, adding dimension and context to the viewer’s experience. To try blinkx BBTV direct from your browser, visit
  • Joost also announced that it was focusing on Web browsers. They also announced that they were making it easier to find shows on the site. They’ve introduced a new programming guide, categorized by Shows, Music and Film; and they’re also adding social networking features “that begin to imitate the watercooler environment on the web.” JoostFeeds are available to share what you watch with your friends. Joost plans two options: standard, which will include the new social features and work without any installation; and premium, which will show high-def and live programming.
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