Apple Drives iPhone Developer To Switch To Android

Sep 23rd, 2008 | By | Category: iPhone, Podcasting Software

 Alex Sokirynsky, developer of Podcaster, a podcast client for the iPhone, is making the switch to Google’s Android smartphone platform. 

Apple banned Podcaster from being sold in the App Store because “it duplicates the functionality of the Podcast section of iTunes.”

“It seems that Apple has shut me down,” says Sokirynsky. “All I wanted was for someone from Apple to contact me and tell me how we can work it out so that I get into the app store.”

“Instead, Apple took the cowards way out by simply disabling features in my developers portal. This seems like a childish move for a company that has been proving such high quality service and products in the past,” adds Sokirynsky.
Sokirynsky plans to take his skills elsewhere, and develop for Google’s Android platform. 
“I plan to make Podcaster for the Android operating system. At least there, I will be welcomed instead of being walked all over.”
Sokirynsky also warns other developers to “Try to stay out of Apples grey area. Don’t build anything that would compete with Apple. Don’t spend too much time before you submit to the app store because it could be all for nothing.”
Apple has been silent regarding its decision to ban the podcast app. The decision has angered a lot of developers, though, and is likely to drive more than just Sokirynsky to try developing for Android. 
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  1. look says:

    He stole the idea from Apple and he got a problem with it.just stop crying and move on to Android if you want.

  2. taniaelis says:

    look – you are completely clueless. Do you think that Apple invented everything to do with podcasting?

  3. Todd Cochrane says:

    Commenter #1 you have not a clue what you are talking about. Podcatcher applications were around almost a full year before we go podcasting support in iTunes. The podcaster application automatically downloads podcast from within the phone. It keeps you from having to sync the phone each night this is a feature we have all wanted from the begining no longer is one tied to the useless iTunes application.

  4. James Lewin says:

    It looks like Apple wants to gag developers from talking about situations like this, too:


  5. Mikey says:

    This is why Android will wipe the floor with the iPhone one day.

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  8. cynik says:

    I am a big apple fan and a developer who loves xcode.

    However, after eagerly awaiting the iphone (i even developed apps for the simulator before the phone came out- here in Switzerland we waited two years for the phone) I have stopped developing for the iphone, and I am now looking at xcode in a new way.

    I think I will check out android. Coding has got to be fun. Apple are beginning to strike me as a firm with too many lawyers and not enough engineers.

  9. kamikaze.cockroach says:

    This is anti-competitive and monopolistic.

    Think about it. The ONLY difference between this and Microsoft blocking Netscape on the Windows platform is that the iPhone is not the dominant mobile platform (yet?). Should it become the standard platform I sure hope the FTC knocks them down a few notches.

  10. kamikaze.cockroach says:

    I should state that Microsoft never blocked Netscape, they only installed their browser by default and even that was enough to raise flags. Had they blocked Netscape as Apple did to Podcaster I’m sure the prosecutors would have had a field day.

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  13. zurie says:

    ok. 1) microsoft installs internet explorer by default because this is their own OS. apple does not install any applications by default.

    2) noone wrote a SDK saying that you had to follow apples rules and guidelines to create an app for the iphone, and noone is realizing that. what apple did was create a online store, and they said, if you wanna sell your product you have to follow our rules to be in the store. seems fair? if podcaster wanted to write their own app and not be affected by apple they can write for jailbroken iphones.

    3) noone is going to android G1, get real. that phone has so many issues. can you imagine making a game compatible for a OS with requierments but not actually developing for a particular phone?

    will super mokney ball play on my Tmobile android? or will it play on my verizon android? what if i buy a cheap crappy knockoff android using googles OS, but slimmed down in CPU, will your app work on that android? see my point? not building for 1 device means certain deviecs are left out. the only thing you’ve done is open the OS to opensource, doesn’t mean developers who want to make money (EA, sega, mobile gaming platforms) are going to magically invest time in your platform unless they see $$$$ in return.

  14. matt says:

    “ a cheap crappy knockoff android using googles OS,…”

    ooops….. android is the google OS, not a device…

    it’s like you say “buy a cheap knockoff WindowsXP using Microsoft OS…” LOL!!!!

  15. Simon says:

    Apple are so dodgy. After they charge you a $100 developer license fee, you can’t even put your hard work on their App Store.

    Android will always be better anyway! Good choice switching.

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