McCain Backers Prefer TV To The Internet

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John McCain’s supporters prefer to get their news and entertainment from television, while Barack Obama’s supporters tend to be “media generalists” who get their news and entertainment from assorted media platforms.

A new study by media agency MediaVest found that 65 percent of voters are paying more attention to the presidential election campaign than they did in 2004 and that 50 percent plan to increase their election-based media use through the election.

Other interesting, but puzzling factoids:

  • 96 percent want “fair and impartial news and information”, while
  • 75 percent want the media they use “to fit their own political viewers and outlook.”
  • 91 percent want their news “detailed and in-depth,” while
  • 60 percent want it “quick.”

Overall, the study found that the Web is still not trusted for political news and information as well as traditional media. 

via AdWeek 

Image: Steve Rhodes

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One Response to “McCain Backers Prefer TV To The Internet”

  1. Of course McCain (and any politician, including Obama,) prefers the megaphone approach over the open media available over the internet.

    They don’t want any argument, any debate, any thought from their minions and/or from the general populace.

    Quite apart from the sheer time responding to all the fact checkers out there who are always ready to rain on your parade, it can be embarrassing when the truth disagrees with you to your face.

    How’s it feel when even news reporters are critical and calling McCain out on the premature rah-rah sis-boom-ba celebration of this bailout fiasco, when anybody who knows how to read “Rep” and “Dem” KNOWS that McCain gets no more respect from the Republican party than Bush gets.

    The Republicans smell a dead skunk in the middle of the road and they’re not going to sit there and have to put up with the stink. And that Obama wasn’t among the throng calling for blood was unfortunate.

    If enough people wake up and write in “Ron Paul”, it may cost him the election yet.

    If the McCain/Palin ticket gets in, there will be blood in the offices of Diebold, sorry, Premier Election Solutions.

    The man is proving to be such a total liar and a desperate anti-Republican sell-out that the ONLY WAY he can win will cause an immediate manual recount or re-election. (The Republicans know they have lost this time. That doesn’t mean they’re going to abandon their principles. They don’t, won’t, never have and never will, do that, even if it costs us all a depression and years of financial misery. [They’re principled. Assholes but principled ones.])

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