Wedding Podcasts In Battle To The Death

Oct 3rd, 2008 | By | Category: Podcasting Law

Weddings aren’t all faith, love and happiness.

There’s usually a bit of abject terror mixed in and something – be it the bridesmaid’s dresses, the flowers or the dj – from hell itself. 

Case in point: A rivalry between two wedding podcasters has devolved into a battle to the death – at least for one of the podcasts. 

In 2006, New Jersey wedding videographer Robert Ehrlich and his wife started a podcast, creating a website where couples could download shows about planning a wedding, choosing a dress, selecting a florist and planning a honeymoon.

They called their site the Wedding Podcast Network.

A few months later, Ralph Mucci, another New Jersey wedding videographer, also started a website where couples could download shows about planning a wedding, choosing a dress, selecting a florist and planning a honeymoon.

He called his site the Wedding Podcast Channel.

Did they all live happily ever after?

Actually, they ended up in court.

The Wedding Podcast Network vs. Wedding Podcast Channel pits podcasters against podcasters, in what looks like could turn into a battle to the podcast death. According to

The Ehrlichs, of Livingston, allege Mucci is “cyber-stalking” them. He stole their wedding podcasting idea, copied their website format, modeled his shows after theirs, called their sponsors, stole their guests and created mass confusion about which wedding podcasting website is which, according to the lawsuit.

Mucci admits the sites are similar, but he says they are not identical. He denies he has done anything wrong.

“It’s like saying Starbucks can’t sell coffee because Dunkin’ Donuts sells coffee,” Mucci said. “The ideas and the concepts that the Wedding Podcast Network displays are not unique ideas. … There is no copyright on that.”

Neither side appears willing to give up without a fight. “There are no winners in this,” says Mucci.

A trial date has yet to be set. 

What would you do if someone copied your podcast and started calling all your clients? Would you take them to court?

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3 Responses to “Wedding Podcasts In Battle To The Death”

  1. Crimewatch says:

    It looks like Mr. Mucci has a bit of a history behind him.

    Fans of The Wedding Planning Audiocast should know who they are listening to.

  2. The WPA says:

    This is not the same Mr. Mucci who hosts the Wedding Planning Audiocast. This unfortunately is a vicious attack of slander on Mr. Mucci’s integrity and character.Doubt very much if it was made by a listener, Could it have been made by a rival competitor?

  3. WPA says:

    Robert Allen is an idot…The Wedding Planning Audiocast won the Supreme Court case. Robert Allen and his wife Holly had no leg to stand on. To make matters worse for themselves which is all documented in the court transcripts. Mr. Allen was caught by the judge motioning how to answers the questions in court. For someone who tries to act intelligent..he and his wife sure are brainless.

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