I Want My Three Minutes Back

Oct 10th, 2008 | By | Category: Internet TV, Video


I Want My Three Minutes Back is a new documentary film from Chuck Potter that looks into the world of online video.

The film examines the phenomenon of online video through the stories of YouTube video creators, from Tay Zonday and his viral hit “Chocolate Rain”, to Judson Laipply’s “Evolution Of Dance”, the most viewed video on YouTube.

Other creators featured in the film are Michael Buckley (“What The Buck Show”), Phillip DeFranco (“sxePhil”), Christine Gambito (“Happy Slip”), Terry Roth (“Zipster”), Katie Graham (“K80Blog”), Paul Robinette (“Renetto”) and Travis and Jonathan (“Jackie and Dunlap of Red State Update”).

The film follows the lives of three YouTube video creators.

Kevin Nalty (“Nalts”) is a 37 year-old marketing professional, father of four, who is obsessed with online video.

Nick James (“Nickynik”) is a 47 year-old struggling filmmaker, father, surfer who despite having some connections in the Hollywood scene, still struggles with trying to make it in the film business.

Cory Williams (“Mr. Safety”) from a small town in California’s central valley, moves to Los Angeles to see if he can make the transition from online video fame to traditional media success.

The film marks the debut of first time filmmaker Chuck Potter.

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