Feb 17th: The End Of Days For Analog TV

Oct 17th, 2008 | By | Category: Internet TV, Video

Spike Ferensten‘s take on the end of days for analog TV.

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  1. nunyaunkown says:

    analog tv doesnt end in over half of america as claimed. in id mt wy ut nv or its all we will have unless u r in a 40 mile area from a major city. we dont even have cell phone blackberry or internet access. when the money changed hands on this whole change there was no money from the gov. to build/but the required hardware. since Qwest has blocked almost all access to telephone services and comcast has blocked all cable service we just have to hope to see if there is a severe storm or fast moving fire on the sattlitte. as qwest and comcast continue to block access to the rest of the world we do still have the low power stations. however, when they need the money for the ceo’s there is every reason to belive they too will be destroyed by some hidden law or taxes.

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