YouTube Video Sends Stunt Biker To Jail

Oct 21st, 2008 | By | Category: Internet TV, Video

Sandor Ferenci, a biker who posted videos of himself on YouTube performing stunts and speeding at up to 210 kph (130 mph), has been jailed after confessing his misdemeanors to the police.

Ferenci, 28, was contacted by the police after a motorist saw him speeding on his powerful motorcycle and noted his registration number. When they visited his house in Oxfordshire, England, he asked if they had seen his YouTube video.

Ferenci was Monday sentenced to 12 weeks’ jail. Judge Terence Maher told Ferenci that he had carried out “lunatic and grossly irresponsible maneuvers at considerable speed.”

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  1. eltranced says:

    how did the motorist saw the license plate if the dude was speeding?

  2. eltranced says:

    btw 130 is nothing special… here in US i would regularly go above 100 mph as courier … not to say its not legal… but you wouldnt find me posting vids of myself 😀

  3. James Lewin says:

    eltranced – not only did he put the videos up on YouTube – but he showed them to the police!

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