Personalized Video Paints Grim Future For Non-Voters

Oct 22nd, 2008 | By | Category: General, Strange, Video

A politically-obsessed friend in a nearby college town emailed that she had seen my name mentioned on a “national news website.”

Interest piqued, I figured it was a rehash of something I did or said during those heady days of media attention early in the 2008 Presidential campaign, during the Iowa Caucuses, a million years – um, ten months – ago.

Imagine the shock – and the shame! – of discovering a news report “from the future,” in which the Presidential election is decided by my failure to cast a vote.

The faux news story fits (French Maid TV creator) Tim Street‘s definition of viral video. It is a spectacle that gives you pause. (Wait – that’s my name. Is that for real? No way, it’s not for real. How did they do that?)

Check it out: The video and web page are peppered with the “suspected non-voter’s” name. And, the sponsor of the site, makes the video easy to pass on by filling in a simple form. It’s an interesting addition to the smorgasbord of election related media, from video game ads and iPhone applications, to Facebook groups, Twitter (also here) and FriendFeed profiles, YouTube, and, yes, even podcasts.

What other interesting uses of new media have you encountered (or perhaps created yourselves) this endless election season? Is there a GOP-leaning PAC offering user-generated reminders to vote? Please tell us your discoveries in the comments.

Note: We hate the autoplay, too. should offer an option to turn autoplay off, and an easy way to click through the video to create a your own custom version.

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