What Really Killed Hulu

Oct 22nd, 2008 | By | Category: Internet TV, Streaming Video, Video

Internet video site Hulu was nearly wiped off the face of the Internet yesterday, leading to widespread speculation about what had happened.

Some interesting theories included:

  1. DanStasiewski: Hulu appears to be down. Should I get on the roof and wiggle the antenna?
  2. JoeAnderson: Maybe bringing down Hulu.com will finally get me into the Evil League of Evil.
  3. MattMusgrave: With Hulu down, productivity sky rockets.
  4. benfortney: I think hulu said something bad about the chinese gov’t.
  5. (and another one) benfortney: I blame the Republicans for taking out Hulu.
  6. demosthe: Stale DNS cache maybe?

If you guessed #6, you’re right.

Around 6:45pm, Hulu accidentally deployed an incorrect DNS record and this change was replicated out to public DNS servers…causing all *.hulu.com domains (including the company’s email server, SVN depot, the whole kitchen sink) to “go boom”.

At least they could still tweet about it:

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