Ardour Open Source Audio Workstation Updated

Oct 24th, 2008 | By | Category: Podcasting Software

Ardour 2.6, the latest version of the free audio workstation for OS X and Linux, has been released.

This version is notable mostly for many dramatic improvements to GUI performance on OS X (native) and a few very important crashing fixes. But it also contains several interesting and useful new features.

New Features

  • make libsndfile work with newer versions of FLAC (enables building a version that can open FLAC files)
  • tracks in active edit groups now perform playlist operations (create, copy, select) in unison for playlists created for the group
  • embedded LV2 GTK GUI support
  • allow translated version use on OSX
  • add session file type icon for OSX
  • shift-click now works to extend marker selections (click one, then shift-click another to select all markers between them)
  • marker drag moves all selected markers
  • add initial-program-change support (Ardour can send a MIDI Program Change command on startup to set up external equipment; it can do this at any later time too)
  • add move-selected-tracks-{up,down} commands
  • add global option to enable/disable region fades
  • enable activate/deactivate fades in all selected regions
  • global option to hide/show region fades

Fixes and Improvements

  • massive improvements for OS X GUI speed and responsiveness
  • eliminate the double-draw during zoom on linux
  • fix track+strip ordering issues when sync editor+mixer order is enabled
  • fix for bad synchronization with other JACK transport-aware clients
  • fix reload & use of MIDI port configuration, so that per-session setup is actually used
  • fix URLs for freesound access
  • new swedish translation
  • fix handling of MIDI pitchbend message
  • handle missing pixmap files more gracefully
  • Fix import dialog clocks to display times that are correct in the current session
  • fix up generation of BWF field contents to avoid truncation and use correct date
  • stop AU plugins that fail to load (e.g. missing dongles) from crashing ardour
  • handle JACK stopping without crashing
  • fix audio glitches caused by plugin automation events
  • fix crash when clicking on certain region list items
  • security fix for libsndfile FLAC handling
  • fix position of canvas “time cursor” during dragging
  • make fonts smaller on location dialog buttons
  • improve performance when dragging multiple regions on the same track
  • reduce some redrawing of clocks
  • Speed up track resizing
  • fix disappearing automation controls when automation track has been made minimum size.
  • change design for how certain region list items operate if there are multiple regions selected
  • allow glue-to-bars-and-beats to be toggled for all selected regions
  • Set add route dialog non-resizeable so that Window Managers size it more sensibly (looked ridiculous in ion3).
  • repeated time stretches/pitch shifts on the same region now use the correct original data
  • new grid line cache to speed up scrolling and grid display in general
  • fit-tracks now ignores (and hides) “in-the-middle” unselected tracks
  • fix possible crash and/or mis-setting of end-marker during session load

Developer Improvements

  • compile with gcc 4.3
  • support building on Leopard
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