Internet Video Streaming Now Mainstream

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The popularity of online video services has grown significantly with women and older consumers over the last six months, helping close the age and gender gap within the online video audience in the U.S.

Recent data from Ipsos MediaCT’s MOTION study document the widespread appeal online video now has with the majority of today’s Internet users, and how streaming video in particular has helped build an audience with women and those aged 35 and older. 

This chart show the jump in Internet video usage since December 2007. Note the big jumps in the 25-34 & 35-54 age groups:

Video streaming is no longer simply an online behavior enjoyed exclusively by the stereotypical early adopter segment – young males. Rather, the growth in the online video audience is now being driven by other demographic segments.

Adam Wright, Director at Ipsos MediaCT, explains: “It appears the prevalence of streaming video online among younger males may be approaching a ceiling today, whereas the other demographic groups are driving the audience growth here. The implication for those in the video entertainment industry is that online video – as a medium – appears to be tapping into later stage adopter segments that were perhaps reticent to embrace it even just a year ago.”

“Television networks, movie studios and other video entertainment entities will need to recognize the growing demand among all consumers for digital distribution. Streaming video is no longer something just teens and twenty-something’s are enjoying, but rather it has become a fixture in mainstream America’s daily routines,” adds Wright.

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