Christian Science Monitor Drops Print Edition

Oct 28th, 2008 | By | Category: General

The Christian Science Monitor today announced plans to discontinue its daily print edition in favor of a largely online “multiplatform strategy”.  Plans include production of a daily e-mail version, a continually-updated online edition, and a weekly print edition.  All three editions will be created and maintained by a single staff.

Editor in Chief Mary Trammel stated that “The method of delivery and format are secondary” to the newspaper’s long-standing journalistic mission, that it should “injure no man, but bless all mankind.”

The Monitor is the first nationally-circulated (print) newspaper to make the transition from a daily format to an online publication.

The paper was founded 100 years ago (next month) by Christian Science church founder Mary Baker Eddy. With circulation trending downward for the past four decades, the Monitor has required a subsidy from the church “for most of its history.”

The changes occur at a time of “fundamental transition” in news publishing, as media consumers forsake traditional newspapers and television and radio news in favor of new media offerings

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  1. Hypnosis says:

    While I was not a reader of the CSM, I must admit that I read most newspapers online myself. Sign of the times… Yet, I find it sad that the glory days of the printed newspaper are clearly history – some of the biggest dailies are struggling seriously. Soon we will carry out ‘Kindle’ to the coffeehouse. Not quite the same…

  2. Sven Warner says:

    Actually, on “Subscribe,” step 1 of 4 is step 2 of 5. The real step 1 is cost and how it is paid. Please let me know.

    I could not “contact” you without calling my SP to get the info to complete an account – which I was hesitatnt to do without knowing the cost!

    Lastly, I am guessing the “Mail” adress, line 2 above, actually requires my Email address. Wish me luck!

    I had intended to subscribe when I searched for “Christian Science Monitor” but have spent more than half an hour wading through Google “results.” When I finally found a real CSM page and hit the subscribe button, then found step 1 missing I was frustrated.

    Please email me about a more direct route to get the info. Examples of old Treeless Edition pages 2 and more would have been encouraging.

    I am haunted by memories of the CSM in the 70s, how great it was. Maybe we can work out something? Thanks.

    Sven Warner

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