Oxford Podcasts Run From Beowulf To Nanotech

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I recently discovered that the University of Oxford offers quite a few interesting podcast series. I was looking for some resources on Beowulf for one of our children, but was pleasantly surprised to find an incredible variety of topics presented in podcast format.

Some of the 99 podcast feeds offered:

refugees and forced migration around the world
philosophy (epistemology and metaphysics)
Practical ethics in modern life
World War 1 Poetry Digital Archive Project

seventeenth century writer John Milton
Monty Python trouper Michael Palin narrating podcasts about “Oxford Today” (The episode about student life is worth a watch, even if you’re not college-bound).
German politics
Fruit flies (drosophilae) and neuroscience
Schrodinger’s cat – quantum nanotechnology
Climate change

There is even a series about Oxford itself, and about preparing for and applying to university, PodOxford.

“Members” of the university community (I am guessing this means students and faculty or staff?) are invited to create their own podcast series and use the institution’s “OXITEMS” publishing service. The university says, “Podcasts give educators an opportunity to deliver course materials and lectures outside a conventional classroom environment.  Academics at Oxford have already embraced this new technology to great affect.”

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