Personal Life Media Adds New Shows

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Lifestyle podcast publisher Personal Life Media have added ten new shows to their network, bringing the total to 35 weekly audio programs and one daily vidcast, along with their companion blogs.

The focus of the new shows ranges widely: from hobby-related digital photography, literature and genealogy, to conversations about lifestyle design and holistic health, to indie music discovery. There is also a motivational show for sales professionals in the “business empowerment” category.

New PLM shows include:

  • Digital Photography Life – Make Every Shot Count: Digital Camera Reviews and Tutorials
  • Camera Dojo: Digital Photography Enthusiasts
  • TheDivaCast: Encouragement, Work Life Balance, Girl Talk, Women’s Issues
  • Music For Midnight: Downtempo, TripHop, Ambient, Lounge, Chill and Independent Electronica
  • Family History: Genealogy Made Easy
  • Life Zero: Adventures in Zen and Lifestyle Design
  • Sales Magic: Motivations, Meditations and Visualizations to Kick Your Assets Into Action!
  • Words to Mouth: Women’s Novels & Non-Fiction, Author Interviews and Book Reviews
  • Dear Zanny: Relationship Advice from a Family Therapist
  • Modern Immortal: Unleash Your Vitality, Alternative Medicine, Holistic Health, Wellness and Longevity

Camera Dojo, Life Zero and Music for Midnight are produced by podcasters who recently joined forces with PLM. TheDivaCast, Dear Zanny, Modern Immortal and Words to Mouth came to PLM from other content networks. Digital Photography Life and Family History are new offerings from established podcasters. And Sales Magic is a “new concept” show co-created by Susan Bratton, Personal Life Media CEO.

According to PLM officials, web traffic has increased 128% for the year, in addition to more than doubling the content offering since the network’s launch 18 months ago. One thousand episodes have been produced featuring nearly 600 guests, resulting in more than six million downloads.

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