Griffin Releases iTalk Premium iPhone Recorder

Nov 14th, 2008 | By | Category: Podcasting Software

Griffin has introduced iTalk Premium (App Store link), which is basically an ad-free version of its iTalk iPhone recording app. 

Griffin iTalk lets you record on the iPhone or 2G iPod touch. Your recordings are saved for replay on your iPhone or iPod, and you can use iTalk Sync (a free download) to drag-and-drop them as AIFF files to your computer over a Wi-Fi connection.


  • Choose from Good/Better/Best quality levels.
  • Pause/resume and append to existing recordings on the fly.
  • Append text notes to your recordings for later reference.
  • The one-button recording interface is designed for quick, easy operation in the field, and simple management of your recordings.

iTalk System Requirements: iPhone, iPhone 3G, or 2nd generation iPod touch (2G iPod Touch requires Apple Stereo Headset or similar compatible headset) Wi-Fi connection for transfer of files to computer (iTalk Sync is available for Mac OS 10.4.11+ and will be available for Windows soon)

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  2. Shai says:

    This is a great voice recorder.
    I tried it out, a little dubious, and was pleasantly surprised.

    Not quite good enough to record music, but I think that comes from hardware constraints not the software itself.
    This is a great way of having a dictaphone on you iphone.

    Great product and even better for the price.

  3. CyberKnight77 says:

    But it discontinues when going to the homescreen

  4. brock meeks says:

    The premium version records in the background and doesn’t shut down.

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