Yahoo! Glue Is Like Mahalo Lite, Without The Jason Calacanis Fireworks

Nov 20th, 2008 | By | Category: General, Podcasting

Yahoo! has introduced an new search site, Yahoo! Glue, that promises to “glue together the best content on the web”:

We’re starting with a limited set of topics (more will be added over time), pulling together content from the best places on the Web onto one Yahoo! Glueâ„¢ page. These pages are built using an algorithm that automatically places the most relevant modules on a page, giving you a visually rich, diverse page all about the topic in which you’re interested.

To see it in action, check out some of the Glue pages on some popular people, places and things: New York Giants, Henry Paulson, Electoral College, Hugh Jackman, etc.

The idea is that Glue will bring together the best content from all the major types of Internet media, including video, news articles and blogs, and aggregate them on one page. 

Sounds like a good idea, but at this point, Yahoo! Glue is like Mahalo Lite, with limited search results and poor usability. And minus the Jason Calacanis fireworks. 

Check out the results for a search for podcasting:

You’d think that Yahoo! might have some information on a 4-year old technology used by tens of millions, wouldn’t you? And if they don’t have Glue results for podcasting, they could at least fail gracefully and include the Yahoo! search results for podcasting!

While some are impressed with Yahoo! Glue, they may want to take a deeper look.

I thought Yahoo! Glue might do better with something easier, like a search for one of Yahoo!’s own services, like My Yahoo!.

Here are the results:

Nice picture of a dog, Yahoo!

Just spectacularly awful results. 

Yahoo! Glue apparently thinks that My Yahoo! has something to do with dogs or Nokia or why people should buy Yahoo!.

Yahoo! Glue is one of those half-baked services that big companies regularly barf out because they’ve bounced around the company too long and they can’t get approval for the budget to do some real beta testing. 

The last one of these undercooked ideas went from Yahoo! Live to Yahoo! Dead in 9 months.

Do you think Yahoo! Glue will last that long?

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  1. sandip says:

    People like the shiny new toys, even if they are actually pretty sucky!

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