The Future Of PodCamps

Nov 27th, 2008 | By | Category: Podcasting Events

PodCamp co-founder Chris Penn has posted his thoughts on the future of PodCamps, a series of user-organized podcasting conferences.

Penn offers six suggestions for 2009 PodCamp organizers:

  1. Use the tools! 2008 showed rapid growth in every social network of note, and as organizers, the more you can help people meet and greet prior to the event, the better. Set up Twitter accounts for your event, groups on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and many others, use search and readers and RSS to keep tabs on word of mouth.
  2. Separate lecture from conversation. Figure out what makes your local PodCamp special and what’s just talking head stuff, and provide talking head stuff well in advance so that participants can maximize their time together. 
  3. Go paid. Plan your PodCamp to run 100% participant-paid at the door. Continue to publish your ledgers publicly so participants can see how every dollar is allocated, but strongly consider going paid and having the event be wholly “sponsored” by the participants.
  4. Support your local community. Pick a local charity and find a way to divert time, energy, or resources to it so that your community is a little better off for having a PodCamp.
  5. Stay lightweight. Keep expenses to a minimum. The magic of PodCamp isn’t in refreshments or epic sponsored parties, but in bringing together people to learn, share, and grow their skills.
  6. Add pieces along the way. Start with barebones expectations for attendees. As funding becomes available, you can add amenities later. Set expectations low, and you’ll never disappoint.

See his post for his full recommendations and some interesting discussion. 

The future should be bright for the PodCamp concept – tight budgets could make inexpensive, local conference more popular than ever.

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