UKPA Chair Concludes Term, Looks Back

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Last week, the UK Podcasters Association appointed Neil Fairbrother (of their new chairman. Previously the position was held by Dean Whitbread, one of the founders of the organization.

I caught up with Dean recently, and asked him to give me a rundown of the things he and the UKPA worked on, fought against, and/or celebrated during his tenure. Here is his list, which he titled
“10 Things In Two And A Half Years:”

1. WIPO Broadcast Treaty – kicked into touch 2006 (but now it’s BACK!)
2. MCPS-PRS – podcast license reformation 2006 – 2008
3. Seminars and speeches:
In the City, Manchester 2006
The Radio Festival, Cambridge June 2007
BPI (the UK’s RIAA) ACM 4th July 2007
Radio at the Edge November 2007
BECTU (TV /film technicians union) Digital Futures 2007 at BT HQ
4. Sony Awards to include podcasting 11/06
5. Judged AOP award category podcasting mid-2007
6. Judged Sony Radio award category podcasting end-2007
7. Secured benefits for members including discount on the AIM podcast license 2007
8. Podcamp UK Sept 2007
9. Guardian, GCap join UKPA Jan – Feb 2008
10. Hosted seminar on music rights @Guardian with Open Rights Group, AIM, MCPS-PRS April 2008

Formed in 2006, in response to licensing and legislative concerns, the UKPA now represents more than one third of the “independent” podcasters in the United Kingdom and includes a broad range of independent podcast producers and major media organizations.

UKPA co founders Dean Whitbread, Mark Crook, and Paul Nicholls continue to serve as trustees of the organization.

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