Facebook, YouTube Now Offering The Best-Quality HD Video Sharing

Dec 7th, 2008 | By | Category: Internet TV, Streaming Video, Video

TechVideoBlog has measured the HD qualities of the various video services now offering HD video sharing, and it looks like YouTube and Facebook are now the leaders. 

Here are the specs they measured, along with links to example videos:

  • Youtube HD: 1280×720 – 2mbit/s H264 – full framerate – 44hz stereo 254kbit/s AAC audio
  • Facebook HD: 1280×720 – 2.5mbit/s H264 – full framerate – 44hz 146kbit/s AAC stereo audio
  • SmugMug HD: 640×360 – 1.4mbit/s H264 – full framerate – 48hz AAC stereo audio
  • Sevenload HD: 1280×720 – 1.8mbit/s H264 – full framerate – 48hz 96kbit/s AAC stereo audio
  • Vimeo HD: 1280×720 – 1.7mbit/s VP6 – full framerate – 44hz 128kbit/s mp3 stereo audio
  • Dailymotion HD: 1280×720 – 1.3mbit/s VP6 – full framerate – 44hz 96kbit/s mp3 stereo audio

This highlights how quickly things are changing in the world of video sharing. A week ago, many were turning to Vimeo because of its support for higher quality video.

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  1. naveenravi says:

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  2. Rodney says:

    Have you tried viddler HD yet to see how it measures up to the others? I didn’t even know facebook had HD video

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  4. Victor S says:

    Could you update this list to include the new 1080p video services. [youtube JGe8DuCy5PU&NR=1


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