Blinkx Launches Enhanced Metadata Enrichment Service For Video

Dec 17th, 2008 | By | Category: Making Money with Podcasts, Video

Video search engine company Blinkx today announced the launch of “an Enhanced Metadata Enrichment solution for publishers” of online video.

There were lots of big, Web 2.0 press release vocabulary words to plow through (if I ever see another announcement with the word “monetize” repeated so many times, I will have to retreat to a dark room with some herbal tea for the remainder of the day).

But the gist of the story is this: Companies have a wealth of video content that they would like to put in front of viewers, who consume media on an ever-widening array of devices. Producers want to make money from their trove of video, but to do so, they must “ensur[e] that their video is supported by accurate, consistent metadata” so that the videos will be easily found in online searches. Creating metadata by hand is a tedious, costly, labor-intensive process.

Blinkx’s new addition to its Advanced Media Platform “automate[s] the capturing, encoding and indexing of rich media content.” Blinkx uses speech recognition, visual and conceptual analysis processes, along with the video’s title and/or tags, to automatically create the content’s metadata. Says Suranga Chandratillake, blinkx’s founder and CEO, “Ultimately, the greater the search- and discover-ability of videos, the greater the opportunity for monetization.” (aaaaaaa! that word!)

After the video has been transcribed (via speech recognition) and analyzed, blinkx’s Enhanced Metadata Enrichment also allows editorial input and control of the automatically generated metadata to further refine the results. More information can be found here.

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