Free Twitter Power Guide eBook

Dec 27th, 2008 | By | Category: Featured Story, Microblogging

Podcasting and social media guru Chris Penn has published a free eBook, the Twitter Power Guide (pdf):

This little eBook is not about how to use Twitter or how to get started with Twitter. It’s not the answer to the question “What is Twitter?”. It’s not about who you should follow or who should follow you. It’s not about being popular, cool, loved, adored, or anything else that was important in the 7th grade.

This little eBook is about how to make the most of Twitter’s power without spending your entire life on it. In other words – how to make Twitter work for you without Twitter becoming work itself.

I presume a lot in this book. I presume you know how to use Google Reader, RSS, Yahoo Pipes, Twitter, and more. If you don’t, get up to speed on the basics of those tools first.

Will this guide answer all your questions? Definitely not. Will it make your Twitter experience a little more productive, a little more helpful? It should.

It’s a must download, if you’re a Twitter user, especially for the sections on using Twitter with other tools.

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  1. D Koss says:

    It’s always a good thing to save some time left over to use the program’s rather than just figuring it out!

  2. scott says:

    You may also want to check out yonkly. It’s the first “create your own” microblog to integrate with Twitter:

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