Paul Colligan: Own Your Own Media

Dec 27th, 2008 | By | Category: Podcast Distribution, Podcasting Networks, Podcasting Services

New media pundit Paul Colligan has some interesting comments for podcasters today, in response to Podango’s shutdown announcement:

If you are a Podcaster on Podango (or any other site that has their domain name (not yours)), now is the time to own the very media you’ve worked so hard to create. If you use any other service (Feedburner, Amazon S3, Libsyn, etc.) map YOUR DOMAIN to THEIR SERVICE. Domains are currently $7.47 a year….you have no excuse.

This way if someone goes down (and they always go down), you can fix everything with the quick repoint of your domain name.

Don’t just BE THE MEDIA … OWN THE MEDIA. Handing your content over to someone with a seriously flawed business model (and you know my feelings about Podcast Networks) with no plan of escape is as lame as launching a business with a seriously flawed business model and promising a world that you can’t deliver.

Colligan also argues that Podango’s troubles have no correlation to the future of podcasting and indie Internet media creation.

“Podango’s problems say as little about the future of Podcasting as GM’s problems say about the future of cars.”

Paul’s comments echo my thoughts and are especially timely, too.

I’ve always been skeptical of any service that gets between you and people that want to read/listen/view what you do. If you add intermediaries, you add points of failure that you don’t control. You need to judge the real value of these services carefully and use them in ways that mitigate the risk they can introduce.

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3 Responses to “Paul Colligan: Own Your Own Media”

  1. While we are sorry to see Podango suffer financial issues RawVoice/Blubrry remains a profitable company and our hosting and publishing services are hosted on a workd class content delivery network we are available to assist podcasters looking for a new hosting solution whether it be stand alone hosting or a complete intergrated solution we are available to assist podcasters nedding help moving. With 1000’s of podcastets relying on our services we can handle any influx in podcasters looking for a nrw home for there media or there complete podcast through our full range of services


  2. James Lewin says:


    Do you think there’s really a way to distinguish yourself with podcast hosting, per se, or does it have to be through other services?

  3. Kurt says:

    Todd, why would I consider placing my podcasting trust in a company whose representatives can’t even spell according to actual English composition rules? While there are several problems, the most striking is that you used a numerical value “1000s” instead of spelling out “thousands” which is more proper. “Intergrated” should be “integrated”. “nedding” should be “needing”. ‘nrw” should be “new”. And you used “there” twice when it should have been “their”. The word “there” is to point out a location, such as “over there”. Whereas the word “their” is the one I believe you meant to use which describes something a group of people own or have possession of. “…a new home for THEIR media or THEIR complete podcast…”

    When I’m seeking professional hosting, or any other professional service for that matter, I steer clear of anyone who can’t even use proper grammar – even with something so simple as knowing the difference between “there” and “their”.

    The folks at Libsyn at least know how to spell, and that is where I will be taking my podcast.

    In the meantime, consider brushing up on your grammar usage. Providing a professional appearance isn’t just about flashing a bank account statement or slick marketing. The ability to spell correctly directly reflects upon your level of education and attention to detail.



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