Podango Wiped Off The Face Of The Internet; But At Least They Are Out Of Beta!

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Podcast hosting service Podango’s site has been wiped off the face of the internet. 

Visit their site and you’ll get a message that they are “currently on vacation”. Podcasters hoping to recover anything from Podango’s site appear to be out of luck. 

But at least their logo now shows Podango as being out of beta!

On Dec 26th, Podango told users that “we are encouraging you to begin taking all necessary steps to secure your data or begin moving to another hosting provider.”

Five days later, they are pushing up daisies – but saying that they have “temporarily shut down”.

Others in the industry are surprised by Podango’s sudden demise. 

It’s “beyond shocking that this company would give 5 days notice, during the busiest time of the year,” says blubrry’s Todd Cochrane. “They have effectively destroyed a large number of podcasters by simply not giving those media creators enough time.”

Do you believe this is really a temporary shut down for Podango? Or are they down for the count?

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5 Responses to “Podango Wiped Off The Face Of The Internet; But At Least They Are Out Of Beta!”

  1. Rob Safuto says:

    I say they are Po-done-go.

  2. Bob Goyetche says:

    or is it Po-Dan-Gone?

    I think it was cool of them to at least give 5 days. Many collapses don’t offer that leeway..

  3. Tony Crago says:

    I find it disturbing that people seem to be taking joy from Podango’s troubles. It seems to me there was a certain magazine back in the Internet days that did the same thing. They’d run articles making fun of companies, employees and investors who lost everything in the DOT BOMB – until it was THEIR turn to get fired.

    I’d watch karma here folks. It might just come around and find YOUR address. Then those of us who are left will remind each other about the misguided direction some people take in finding joy in other people’s pain.

    One last thought – many of the people who are jumping on Podango now, are people who did profit from them in the good old days – or who SOUGHT to profit from them. Pretty smarmy if you ask me.

  4. Rob Dabney says:

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