Voters Expect Obama Government To Use New Media

Jan 1st, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Story, General, Podcasting Research

According to a new report by Pew Internet, Amercian voters expect Barack Obama’s administration to communicate directly with them using new media.

A majority of Obama voters expect to carry on efforts to support his policies and try to persuade others to back his initiatives in the coming year; a substantial number expect to hear directly from Obama and his team; and a notable cohort say they have followed the transition online.

If Obama follows through on this, it could change the dynamics of American politics as dramatically as his use of new media changed political campaigns. 

In the election, Obama was everywhere – Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Myspace and even texting to phones. 

Is this what you want or expect from your President?

Highlights of the report:

  • 62% of Obama voters expect that they will ask others to support the policies of the new administration over the next year. Among Obama voters who were engaged online during the campaign, 25% expect to support the administration’s agenda by reaching out to others online.
  • 46% of Obama voters and 33% of McCain voters expect to hear directly from their candidate or party leaders over the next year.
    • Fully 51% of online Obama supporters expect some kind of ongoing communication from the new administration
    • 34% of Obama-supporting email users expect email communication
    • 37% of social network site users expect SNS updates
    • 11% of phone texters expect to receive text messages from the new administration.
  • 27% of wired Obama voters have gone online to learn about or get involved with the presidential transition process. Nine percent of online McCain voters have visited websites hoping to rebuild the GOP or elect conservative candidates in the future.
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