Free Beatles Podcast Says Hello, Goodbye; The Suits Say “You Can’t Do That!”

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Earlier in the day, we reported that all of the Beatles’ music was going to be made available via a series of podcasts from Norway. 

It turns out, the Norwegian Beatles podcast is one podcast you won’t be listening to Here, There and Everywhere. 

According to the government-run Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), the Beatles podcast was yanked because of licensing agreements:

The Beatles comes under our agreement with IFPI, which says that we only can put up shows for download that were aired the latest four weeks, and where the music is less than 70% of the show’s length.

“Our daily Beatles” were aired in 2007 (not 2001 as we wrote yesterday), so we have to pull the podcast. If it was aired today, we could have podcasted the next four weeks within the agreement.

So why not send the show again on one of your channels?
This is a question people have asked several times already. We could have done it, but choose not to.

It’s unclear why the NRK said Come And Get It, Free As A Bird, without doing Every Little Thing that their licensing agreements require. 

We’re guessing somebody at the NRK, though, is saying “I Should Have Known Better!”

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2 Responses to “Free Beatles Podcast Says Hello, Goodbye; The Suits Say “You Can’t Do That!””

  1. Final Taxi says:

    Looks like the NRK is The Fool On A Hill.

  2. podcastmama says:

    Well played, Mr. Nastie, well played.

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