Long and Winding Road Leads To Norwegian Beatles Podcast

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Do you want to know a secret?

Do you promise not to tell?

Beatles music is, for the first time, available for download in a podcast from Norwegian Broadcasting.

[This of course begs some dumb puns about Norwegian Wood. Isn’t it good? But we digress.]

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) made a 2007 documentary series on “Norgesglasset” radio, which explored “the background and history” of all 212 Beatles songs. The documentary has been re-released this week as The Daily Beatles Podcast. (or Var Daglige Beatles Podkast, if you want to be really cool).

The remaining Beatles, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, have been famously reluctant to offer their Beatles catalog for download, despite lucrative offers to do so.

Perhaps you’re saying, “You Can’t Do That.” (Bear with me, even as the song-title puns begin to wear thin). Well, apparently Norwegian podcasters can. A recent agreement with the Norwegian music rights-holders TONO, allows NRK to “podcast previously broadcasted[sic] radioshows containing less than 70 percent music.”

The Daily Beatles podcast keeps to the “less-than-seventy-percent” rule, with a three-minute discussion of the song, followed by the tune itself.

The podcasts containing music are available for four weeks from publishing date.

Beatles are on a podcast and I Feel Fine. Dig It.

The Daily Beatles Podcast feed is right here.

P.S. What do *you* think is the greatest Beatles song? Which album is the best?

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  1. Bruce Simon says:

    It’s gone already — http://nrkbeta.no/nrk-pulls-our-daily-beatles-podcast-because-of-rights/. I’ve Got A Feeling we won’t be hearing this series any time soon.

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