Oprah Podcasts On iTunes

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If you still have any doubt about whether podcasting is a mainstream phenomenon, Oprah and Apple have announced that her series of podcasts is available through iTunes (iTunes link):

With such video and audio podcasts as Oprah.com’s Health and Wellness Channel, Oprah.com’s Spirt Channel, and Oprah.com’s Money Channel, you can now enjoy some of your favorite Oprah programming whenever you’d like. Download and watch individual podcasts. Or subscribe to a channel and have iTunes automatically download each new episode for you. Enjoy.

Oprah is offering both audio and video podcasts. 

Do you think Oprah’s podcasts are a sign of mainstream adoption of podcasting?

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2 Responses to “Oprah Podcasts On iTunes”

  1. I would say that is conclusive evidence that Podcasting is mainstream 😉

  2. Roger Ecke says:

    Oprah mentioned that a book could me download into a device other than and ipod. I am wondering why the ipod wasn’t included in the download availability? The book was mentioned on a show aired on 1-14-09. Thank you for reading my comment. Roger Ecke.

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