Alesis ProTrack Turns Your iPod Into A Professional Audio Recorder

Jan 15th, 2009 | By | Category: General

Audio equipment manufacturer Alesis has announced that its new ProTrack Mobile Recording Kit is now shipping. The handheld ProTrack recorder turns the user’s iPod into a stereo digital recorder, using the new Alesis AM2 Stereo Microphone Set.

Users can record stereo audio using the ProTrack’s onboard dual condenser microphones, which are fixed in XY-stereo configuration for reliable stereo imaging. While the onboard microphones are capable of capturing quality sound, the ProTrack Mobile Recording Kit also includes the AM2 Stereo Microphone Set (pictured at left, above), a matched-stereo, cardioid condenser microphone kit with two AM2 microphones, windscreens, clips, a padded hard case and an XY-stereo mount.

The ProTrack supplies the necessary 48V phantom power to power the AM2 condenser microphones.

Podcasting News will be checking out the ProTrack recorder this week at the 2009 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California.

AM2 microphones are low profile, miniature cardioid condensers with switchable -10dB attenuation and high-pass filter. With a clean fet amplifier and a transformerless output stage, AM2 microphones offer low-self-noise, high-resolution audio capture. Their small diaphragm condenser capsules offer excellent pickup of the “air” that characterizes high-quality small diaphragm condensers.

AM2 microphones can be used very close to a sound source without the sound becoming harsh. The switchable high-pass filter reduces interferences through subsonic and low frequencies and compensates for proximity effect. The attenuation switch enables the microphone to handle high sound pressure levels without distortion.

The ProTrack Mobile Recording Kit is available now from pro audio and musical instrument retailers at an MSRP of $399.99 and an estimated street price of $299.99.

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  1. Steve Boyett says:

    I’ve owned this for a week now. Build quality is good and it’s easy to use and well designed. There’s enough mic noise that I wouldn’t want to put together anything high-end using it, but line-in sound is very very clean. The Podrunner mix that goes up tomorrow night on iTunes and at was recorded using it with 1/4″ direct stereo inputs, if you’re curious as to the sound quality.

  2. Scott Rouse says:

    Why not just get one of the Zoom recorders? They’re pro and cost $299 and are really, really great and easy to use. That way you’d have an iPod AND a pro recorder. “But I want to have both of them in one” well, you’re gonna be carting all that stuff that comes with the Alesis thing around with you anyway, so get the Zoom.

  3. J>Alberto Leyes says:

    wondering weather will work with IPhone ?

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