NAMM: A Look At TASCAM’s DR-1 And DR-07 Digital Recorders

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Podcasting News has been covering new digital media product launches at the NAMM Show for several years. This year, though, we’ve invited veteran podcaster and new media strategist Ron Ploof to give us his impressions of the show.

Ron takes a look at TASCAM’s two handheld digital audio recorders, the full-featured DR-1 (retail $299) and the more compact DR-07 ($199). Both can record audio in WAV or MP3 format, at 16 or 24 bit, onto SD memory cards (provided with the product).

The devices have built-in directional microphones, but can also has a 1/4″ microphone jack. The recorders attach to your computer via USB cable. The DR-1 comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and the DR-07 uses regular AA batteries.

About Ron

Ron Ploof has the broad perspective of being both an experienced “indie” podcast creator and someone who has helped companies weave podcasting and new media into their corporate fabric. He blogs about B2B social media strategies at RonAmok and has helped pioneer storytelling podcasts with Griddlecakes.

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3 Responses to “NAMM: A Look At TASCAM’s DR-1 And DR-07 Digital Recorders”

  1. […] Last Friday I had the opportunity to cover The 2009 NAMM Show for Podcasting News. Checkout my videos from the floor: HHB-DRM-085 Flash Mic and the TASCAM DR-1 and DR-07 portable recorders. […]

  2. Jeremy says:

    The DR-07 can divide WAV files, but cannot divide MP3 files.

  3. gurkensalat says:

    The TASCAM DR-07 wastes horrible amount of battery power. Using Alkaline Batteries you should always have spares to swap and for important long records you must insert fresh batteries.
    Brownout during recording is a desaster.
    The firmware (v1.02) is not not yet well-engineered or mature. After I created a new folder from my PC the system crashed and the full card content was gone. There was even no chance to format the card again using the DR-07 but simply a message on the display that a sys-file was missing without a chance to access the reformat option.
    The DR-07 cannot handle subfolders of more than 2 levels which is a handicap if you would like to keep a larger filesystem on the card with more than 2 levels of subfolders.
    I'm kind of dissapointed.

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