C.C. Chapman: Experiencing The Inauguration Via Social Media

Jan 21st, 2009 | By | Category: Citizen Media, General

Longtime podcaster and new media consultant C.C. Chapman made an appearance on cable news channel CNN Tuesday, where he talked about how the coverage of Barack Obama’s inauguration by social media:

Chapman created an early standout among music podcasts with his Accident Hash series. He also hosts the Managing the Gray podcast and is a founder of The Advance Guard, a new media consultancy and marketing firm. His enthusiasm for new and social media is evident in his “iReporter” interview:

“I couldn’t be in DC today, but i could experience the inauguration with people from all around the globe,” Chapman enthused. “I was very impressed with how the technology worked today.”

“it was really powerful to see how people reacted, especially some of the older crowd, who thought they’d never see this day…. I saw a sense of pride and joy. It was a cool wave of emotions. People were really touched by what happened [today]. And I think people realized that, even though we’ve been really hyped up about [Obama becoming President] for a long time, we’ve got a lot of work to do now.”

Chapman also went on to talk [frustratingly, too briefly] about the immediate and positive changes to the White House’s website and blog as the Obama administration took office.

On his blog, Chapman muses further about the variety of ways to take in the events of the day:

“This changes things. The fact that I don’t HAVE to turn on my television if I don’t want to. The fact that I can share the experience with friends around the globe in real time. The fact that this is another step towards social viewing.”

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  1. Luddite says:

    Plain old TV was the way to go on the inauguration.

    I’m still waiting for a nice combination of TV with social features.

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