Primacoustic FlexiBooth Turns Any Room Into A Recording Studio

Jan 24th, 2009 | By | Category: Podcasting Hardware

Primacoustic has announced the FlexiBooth, a  $399 cupboard shaped acoustical device designed to turn any room into a functional voice-over booth by simply opening the doors.

“With most studio production moving out of large commercial spaces into smaller and more affordable self-contained rooms, incorporating a traditional vocal booth within a room is becoming increasingly difficult to do,” says Primacoustic President Peter Janis.

“Building a ‘room inside a room’ is not only cost prohibitive, but requires significant real-estate that may simply not be available. The FlexiBooth solves the problem by providing the engineer with a wall mounted solution that can spring into action by simply opening up two doors. This means that home based post production facilities and podcasters can now achieve studio quality sound at an affordable price.”

The Primacoustic FlexiBooth features a 24″x48″ wall print that when open, creates a large 16 cubic foot recording area. The FlexiBooth is equipped with three high density 6lb per-cubic-foot fabric covered acoustic panels that will absorb frequencies across the entire voice range to deliver a ‘dry’ voice track. This makes the FlexiBooth work for voice-over work and for recording vocals on music tracks.

The FlexiBooth is constructed from particle board with a washable black melamine finish. To save on freight costs, the FlexiBooth ships flat and it takes roughly 20 minutes to construct. Once built, the FlexiBooth hangs on a wall cleat and can be relocated should the need arise.

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