Defunct Podcast Startup Podango Seeks Suitors

Feb 9th, 2009 | By | Category: Making Money with Podcasts, Podcast Hosting, Podcasting

Late last year, podcast network and hosting provider Podango shut down rather abruptly.

We heard from Podango cofounder Lee Gibbons yesterday, with an update on what is happening with the Utah-based startup:

I hope this message finds you well. This email is to update you on Podango’s situation.

After seeking funding from both traditional and nontraditional sources for over a year, the founders of Podango have elected to sell. We have a handfull of suitors, but we don’t want to sell quietly with people later saying, as they did with Odeo and Podtech, “gee, if I had known I would have…”

You have repeatedly been generous to Podango, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to bring the situation to your attention.

We are going to close the bidding pool on the 10th and move quickly to bidding, then closing.

Interested parties should contact [Podango co-founder] Doug Smith (doug [at] Podango [dot] com).

We tried to follow up with some more probing questions, but, 18 hours later, still haven’t had a response. With the bidding deadline zooming up, we thought we’d pass this scant information along to our readers.

We’ll update you when and if we have more information.

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No Responses to “Defunct Podcast Startup Podango Seeks Suitors”

  1. Jim Williams says:

    It’s because they dont have a suitor. No one is bidding on them or there technology. Doug Smith is fishing for someone to buy up the worthless assests

  2. corpus says:

    Sad to see – but nobody would want to buy the company after the killed the way they dumped everybody unceremoniously at the end of last year.

  3. Bill Grady says:

    Does he have some ocean-front property in Utah he’d like to sell as well?

    This is like having the plumber, the electrician, and the furnace guy showing up to do repairs during the real estate Open House for a home you’re trying to sell.

    It’s either ignorance pertaining to the outside perception of his business, or a search for greater ignorance to sell a bad investment to during bad economic times….you pick.

  4. Rob Blatt says:

    Aside from the Podango Show Builder, which was purchased from GigaVox.

    Maybe the studio if it’s still in operation. The equipment might be worth purchasing.

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