Tumblr Adds Audioblogging Via Phone

Feb 18th, 2009 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Featured Story, Microblogging

Blogging platform Tumblr today disclosed on its staff blog that they’ve added a neat new feature that lets users create audio blog posts via telephone.

Users enter their phone number (illustrated, right), and messages called in to Tumblr’s toll-free number get posted to your Tumblr blog, a mishmash of your links, photos, text posts, videos and favorite links. Audioblog posts to Tumblr are bite-sized, limited to two minutes or less.

Other new features making their Tumblr debut today include the ability to create draft posts, and post-dated or scheduled posts. Users can find them on the “publishing options” menu.

Ars Technica has mentioned the possibility of Tumblr launching a premium version of the blogging platform coming soon.

Two other issues have put Tumblr in the news this past week. The company made the New York Times today, in an article about its decision to change its content policy. Users can no longer create tumbleblogs for the purpose of harrassing, defaming, or “repeatedly harassing or abusing specific members or groups within the Tumblr community.” Five Tumblr blogs were all reportedly devoted to snarking about self-made celebrity egoblogger Julia Alison.

And in one last piece of Tumblr news, the company is *not* being purchased by Yahoo, which had been rumored at Valleywag.

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