Flickr Opens Video To All, Plus HD Video For Pro Users

Mar 2nd, 2009 | By | Category: Video


Photo-sharing mega-site Flickr has opened up to all Flickr users video uploads. In addition, paying “Pro” members of Flickr will now be able to upload high-def videos that everyone can watch in HD.

Also announced today, Flickr users can submit their video creation to be part of the recently debuted Flickr Clock timeline view, which gives viewers the perspective of seeing a cross-section of what’s happening, all over, at a single point in time.

Flickr originally added the video capabilities last April, but only paying “Pro” level members could upload their (30 sec or less) video clips. Now all users can upload video, although “free” members are limited to two videos per month.

“All of this video goodness is powered by our friends at the Yahoo! Video Platform team, and has been double-platformitized for the Flickr API,” reads the Flickr staff blog. For more information on the nuts and bolts of how the new video upload and HD capabilities work, technical stuff is discussed here.

As illustration, above, we have a short video we shot of volunteers on sandbagging brigade on Court Avenue in Des Moines, during the awful flooding in June 2008.

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