New All-in-One Screen Recording Service ‘GoView’ at DEMO

Mar 3rd, 2009 | By | Category: Podcasting, Podcasting Services

Remote access and web-conferencing comapny Citrix Online introduced an all-in-one screen recording, editing and sharing service today at emerging technology conference DEMO. Citrix’s GoView is designed to allow users to create and share “recorded content” (like screen captures) online, extending the reach and possibilities for presentation.

The product’s creators say that GoView is the “first product available to enable recording, editing and content sharing in one service.”

“Our customers told us they wanted an easy way to create, edit and distribute screen recordings of their content with audio,” said Brett Caine, general manager, Citrix Online. “GoView empowers everyone… to create, edit and stream presentations, webcasts, tutorials and other material to their audiences, anywhere at any time.”

“Because GoView is so simple to use, anyone will be able to easily create, record and share their screen content,” said Chris Shipley, executive producer of DEMO. “A good example is the classic PowerPoint, which is challenging for most people to present without verbal commentary. GoView’s makes it simple to add and edit audio and then widely share content, without complications or complexities.”

Citrix’s promotional material explains that, with a three-step process users can:

  • “Record: With one click, users can begin recording at full resolution with audio.
  • “Edit: By trimming out mistakes and annotating sections, users can polish presentations.
  • “Share: Users can instantly share the recording from the GoView website to an unlimited audience, without needing to upload or convert the content to a different format. All content is stored on Citrix Online servers so there are no bandwidth issues or other distribution hassles.”

GoView is the latest in Citrix Online’s suite of Web-based access and collaboration services. Other offerings include: Citrix GoToMeeting, for conducting online meetings; Citrix GoToWebinar, for large-scale web events; the new Citrix GoToAssist Express, a remote-support service that for small businesses to provide online technical support to their clients, and Citrix GoToAssist Corporate, the company’s “flagship support solution,” for larger (corporate) teams.

GoView is in currently in beta and “free to use for anyone.” Prospective users can sign up for an account here, or get more information about the service here.

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    You just can share the video online. No download. I think screen recorder like DemoCreator fits my needs better.

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