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Mar 4th, 2009 | By | Category: Internet TV, Streaming Video, Video, Vlogs

YouTube has announced that it’s looking for video bloggers to discuss some of the little-used features of the site, and that it plans to feature some of these user-generated video:

Every week we release new tools, or enhancements to current ones, to help you make better videos, connect with one another, and understand your audience. We tell you about them in this blog, but now we want to take it up a notch and ask you to (puppy-dog eyes) adopt a feature.

It’s not to say that the features on the list below are unloved or unlovable; it’s just that we believe that many of you could help spread the word more broadly about their usefulness — and, more important, in a way that’s fun to watch.

They are looking for videos that discuss these features, and other less-known features:

YouTube says that they plan to track which videos are the most effective at promoting site feature and will feature the most effective videos on the site’s home page and help center.

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