Stanford Podcast Teaches iPhone App Development

Apr 2nd, 2009 | By | Category: Educational Podcasts, iPhone, Podcast Quickies, Podcasting, Video Podcasts

Apple Insider reports that Stanford University will be publishing a video podcasts and slides from its “iPhone Application Programming” course via iTunes U beginning this week.

Official, for-credit enrollment in the class is limited, but the public may “audit” the class via podcast for free. Required “school supplies” for the class include an Intel-powered Mac, and optional-but-recommended supplies would be an iPhone.

The ten-week podcast series will publish the class lectures on developing for the iPhone and iPod touch within a couple days of the each class meeting.

The Apple Insider’s Prince McLean says of the development class (and its podcast):

“Last summer, Sanford’s announcement that it would begin offering an iPhone development course raised eyebrows among pundits who were busy worrying that Apple would use its iPhone development NDA [non-disclosure agreement] to stop the classes. Instead, Apple assisted Stanford, relaxed its NDA terms, and is now working help the school reach an even broader audience.”

The “iPhone Application Programming” course podcast is available via iTunes U (Apple iTunes link), or at the Stanford on iTunes website. The podcast is free.

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