Guerrilla Drive-In Theaters, Now Available at Target

Apr 7th, 2009 | By | Category: Citizen Media, Video

Outdoor cinema equipment maker Open Air Cinema today announced that its Open Air Home Screens are now available at As the name would indicate, the screens are giant inflatable movie screens designed for what the company calls “the ultimate backyard cinema experience.”

The movie screens come in three sizes: 10ft, 14ft, and 18ft, which are the largest inflatable movie screens for home (or guerilla drive-in theatre) use. Open Air Cinema describes the screens as “top-quality screens with theatrical grade projection surface(s).” See

Product features include:

  • Matte white, wrinkle-resistant ripstop nylon projection surface
  • Black-backed projection surface blocks lights from behind, improves contrast ratio
  • Ultra lightweight—weighs from 12-17 pounds when deflated and fits inside a duffle bag
  • Quiet, professional quality air blower provides constant inflation
  • Air blower, ropes, stakes, etc.
  • 20 MPH wind rating

Last summer, we shared news of a growing DIY guerilla drive-in theater movement, in which video content producers take their creations to the audience, setting up mobmov’s, or mobile movies. The site gathers information about guerilla drive-in theaters, and filmmakers can even work through the organization to arrange screenings of their work. These portable, inflatable screens sound like a slicker presentation material then the old standby white bedsheet, or pale-colored side of a building as projection screen.

The portable, inflatable Open Air movie screens retail for between $499 – $1149. A little pricey for watching Wall-E at a backyard barbecque, but perhaps a useful tool for more serious movie-makers.

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  1. Final Taxi says:

    Did we have this as a story a few months back????

    I mention that you STILL have to pay license fees. Read the FBI warning in front of the movies.

    We do all this for you at and pay the fees.

  2. arjun says:

    Final Taxi – how about a UGC party, and skip the fees?

  3. PAUL ADAIR says:


    Google marengofilms for starts. Hollywoodsattic.

    Check out those 50-packs from Mill Creek ! Quality varies, but for the price —- !

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