Holophone Intros World’s First Full Podcast In 5.1 Sound

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Surroud sound recording company Holophone has introduced Holophone TV 5.1 (iTunes link), the world’s first full 5.1 video podcast series, according to the company.

Holophone TV 5.1’s podcasts present a variety of surround content – from music recordings to fireworks to motocross events. The Canadian company also has plans to showcase local Canadian recording artists in future podcasts.

“This is the first podcast where the entire content is offered in 5.1,” states Holophone CEO Jonathan Godfrey. “The podcasting technology out there is made to handle this type of content but no one has yet attempted to move into this realm. With Holophone TV, we hope to break some new ground and show that it can be done easily and effectively.”

The video podcasts are short segments designed primarily to highlight the capabilities of Holophone’s 5.1 recording technology.

Getting 5.1 Sound From A Podcast

Listeners can choose the “virtual surround” iPod version of the podcast or download content to their Apple TV connected to their home theater and can listen to cinematic-quality 5.1 Dolby Digital HD recordings.

In addition to providing exclusive content, Holophone is looking to offer those new to the podcasting realm a model from which they can base their own podcast. Holophone plans to use its Holophone TV podcasts as a means of training current and potential customers in the uses/best practices of the company’s surround recording products.

“All content for Holophone TV has been shot using a variety of Holophone’s Surround microphones, an HD camera and then edited using Final Cut Pro,” Godfrey continues. “With some of these tools like the PortaMic 5.1 costing around $600, it’s very simple to put together a high-end production for not a lot of money. Podcasting is a means to give the general public an opportunity to develop media content that is uniquely their own and we want to help make that content as realistic, immersive and easy to create as possible.”

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